Tabbuka is a low cost visual content displaying system, designed for stores 
and social outlets. It can also be called an advertisement display.

Today, the digital signage systems we see at places like shopping centers, airports, etc. are set up through television or computer supported screens, thus bringing high equipment costs and difficulty in maintenance.

Tabbuka is a simple LCD box designed to display pictures and films only. Since it needs no operating system and license, and due to its very simple architectural structure, Tabbuka is unrivalled in terms of cost and technical maintenance.

Tabbuka displays pictures and other visual contents downloaded via wireless network from a central computer. As the nature of wi-fi network (with password) prevents outside interventions, it is conveniently used in social locations.

Researches show that 75% of the customers make their buying decisions within the store at the moment they spend for shopping. This is why Tabbuka is an ideal channel for announcing the promotions, and introducing campaigns.

In small shops, you can buy one Tabbuka stand alone and direct it via your computer using the public web application; Or for a chain store, you can operate many of them at the same time, from your headquarters or from any of your branches. In all cases the web based user interface of Tabbuka, will combine all the components (picture, price, name etc) that you upload or enter, and will make a poster in a predefined pattern. It surely reduces your local printing, and logistics costs in distributing the preprinted material. 

Tabbuka can also be used to display contexts such as price lists, tariffs and schedules. 

Screen size is 12". Bigger size of LCD or PLazma screens may be used (any model, any brand). But to keep the acceptable screen resolutions, screens must be driven by PCs.

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